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An explorer in the further regions of experience

"We have such sights to show you! "

I'm full of titles; Father, husband, brother, son, gamer, reader, writer, movie buff, manager, IT professional, I'm sure the list goes on.

"The chief perspective for me, in 'The Damnation Game', comes when Mamoulian says, 'Every man is his own Mephistopheles.' This is the 'Faust' story without the Devil. Mamoulian is not only just a guy, but a guy we The Fat Man (Breer) - 1985 can relate to, because he's lonely, and all you have to take on board for this book to work is the single idea that he has these few special powers. That flies in the face of generic expectations. It says, forget 'The Omen '. Forget 'The Exorcist'. That's not actually the way the world is."

Barker's Searching For A Higher Plane
By Bob Strauss, The Fresno Bee, 25 October 1987

I write some webcomics; Weirdlings, World of Orenda, The Glamour and Chaos Punks.

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